Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Can't Keep Calm! (T-shirt fundraiser)

This fundraiser is over! Shirts are being made and will be shipped out to you as soon as we are able! Thank you so much! 

This is our adoption t-shirt fundraiser! Buy a comfy t-shirt while making a statement that will hopefully open up hearts for the orphaned children in this world. You become and automatic orphan advocate in one easy step! Here they are!

How awesome are these shirts?! These T-shirts are available in Youth sizes YXS-YXL. And adult sizes Small through XXXL.  

Each Shirt will cost $20. Add $2 for size XXL and XXXL shirts. And if I have to ship it to you add $3 per shirt (if you are ordering 3 or more shirts let me know and we can figure out a deal on shipping). 

How it works with this company is that I have to sell at LEAST 13 shirts in the kid sized and at least 13 shirts in the adult sizes. As long as we can sell 13 we can place an order. If we can sell 50 shirts then we make a little more per shirt. Do you think we can reach that goal? 50 adult shirts and 50 youth shirts? Let's try! 

If you would like to order a shirt please send the correct amount to our Paypal address which is
PLEASE be sure to make a note of what size AND color you want, as well as your address if you are not local. I'm hoping we can do this super fast because we only have a few weeks before we fly out, and I'd love to get these our to you before we leave. So please order as soon as possible! And please share this with your friends and family members! Or better yet, buy them as Christmas gifts for them! Win win! 

If you are local and would like to pay me in person, that is great. Or if you are not local, but do not have a paypal, you can send me a check, but it will need to be sent (along with a description of t-shirt color and size) ASAP. We are coming to a time crunch here! 

Please let me know via email or private message on Facebook if you have any questions. I will be out of town this weekend, but I will be able to check my email from time to time. But if you don't hear back from me immediately, just know that you will hear from me very shortly! 

Which color(s) do you want? :) 

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