Thursday, April 10, 2014

April Matching Grant Challenge!

My dad and I have been to Eastern Europe to meet Levi. I have so much to say about that and no time at the moment to say it. He is precious and beautiful and sweet and eager to learn. He needs the love of our family for him to really blossom and flourish. He will need therapies and testing and lots and lots of love, and we just cannot wait to provide him with all of these things! I am in love! And missing him tremendously!
When we got home I got sick, pulled muscles in my neck and shoulders, had lots of second stage dossier paperwork to get done and notarized and apostilled and sent off, new forms for our government to approve, new fingerprints to be taken, new doctor appointments to be made.... Whew! During all of this a beautiful soul decided all on their own to provide us with a matching grant challenge for the first 12 days of April! On the first of April if $10 were donated, the donor would match it. On the second day, $20, on the 3rd day, $30 and so on! We have matched many of these days! But now we are getting down to the nitty gritty, we only have til the end of the 12th to meet the challenge and have all the grant matched! To make it easier here at the end, we've combined the finishing amount needed so we have a solid goal number to shoot for in our FSP (Family Support Page). So. Right now our grant is at $9312.10. In order to match the remaining full amount, we need our FSP to read $9674! That means we have $362 left to raise before we get the grant from our donor! Can we do it? Before the end of the 12th? Remember God multiplies your pennies! Every donation matters! Do you have $10 to spare? Or $1? We appreciate every penny! I'll leave you with a couple pictures of Levi from our first trip. Please consider sharing, donating and praying! Your prayers mean something! And we covet them. Especially pray for Levi as he waits for us. I hurt to think of him waiting for us to come play with him again, and yet we don't come... 

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 Matching Grant Met!!! You guys ROCK! THANK YOU!