Monday, May 6, 2013

Operation Orphan No More Giveaway!!! - Benefitting Reece's Rainbow families!

UPDATE! We have a $500 matching grant right now! So every donation to our giveaway will help us 2 fold as well as helping the other families in our giveaway! So please donate and then tell me which adopting family you are voting for so I can add your votes! 

We now have $500 of $500 met! Thank you! 

I am SO excited about this giveaway! If you have been following us at all, you have seen that we are adopting a precious little boy with special needs from Eastern Europe. And I just KNOW you want to see his sweet face again! :)
 We are doing everything we can to raise the funds necessary to bring our son home. That's where this giveaway comes in! But there are so many other awesome families in the Reece's Rainbow community who are also in the trenches of adoption fund raising, and we really wanted to come alongside some of them while also working to bring our son home. Being a part of the Reece's Rainbow family means we support each other! Fund raising is hard. But we wanted to put the fun back in FUNdraiser!!! So this is how this is going to work. We are going to be giving away three different cash prizes, to 3 lucky Reece's Rainbow families in process! We have 11 lovely families nominated to be a part of our giveaway, and it's going to be your job to help the family of your choice stay in the running for First, Second or Third prize. (there will also be a small consolation prize for each family who has been nominated but does not win one of our prizes.) Your votes will make ALL the difference to these families. But the other great thing is, we have a lot of wonderful prizes for you voters as well! And for every vote you cast for the family that tugs most at your heart, you will also be entered into the giveaway to win some amazing gifts for yourself!

So how do you vote?

Vote by sending a contribution to our Donate button on our right sidebar (You cannot see our donate button while on your cell phone and will have to hop onto a computer to see and donate) or by donating to our FSP (Family Support Page) on Reece's Rainbow. Donating through our FSP is tax deductible, but if you donate through our FSP you have to send me a Facebook private message or an email ( with a copy of your receipt for your donation, as well as the name of the family you want your votes to go toward. If you donate through our Donate Button, we will get an email automatically, so you don't have to worry about letting me know, but you still have to make sure to add a note for who the votes should go toward. The other bonus to donating through our Donate Button here on our blog is that you will earn DOUBLE votes! So this is how the donation to vote ratio will go:

$5 to our FSP = 1 vote
$5 to Donate Button = 2 votes
$10 to our FSP = 3 votes
$10 to our Donate Button = 6 votes
$15 to our FSP = 5 votes
$15 to our Donate Button = 10 votes
$20 to our FSP = 7 votes
$20 to our Donate Button = 14 votes
$25 to our FSP = 9 votes
$25 to our Donate Button = 18 votes
$30 to our FSP = 11 votes
$30 to our Donate Button = 22 votes
$50 to our FSP = 20 votes
$50 to our Donate Button = 40 votes
$75 to our FSP = 30 votes
$75 to our Donate Button = 60 votes
$100 to our FSP = 50 votes
$100 to our Donate Button = 100 votes!

 You can earn ONE free vote per day by sharing THIS blog post on your Facebook page and then letting me know by tagging me in your status, or leaving a comment here, that you shared. I'm also giving 10 bonus votes to anyone who buys Scentsy through our Scentsy party HERE! Just let me know that you did and I will confirm with my consultant. :)

Remember to let me know who your votes should go toward! This giveaway will go for 4 weeks, and I will stop accepting votes at 11:59pm (PST) on Monday June 3rd.

Now for the PRIZES!!!

$10 Bath and Body Works Gift Card! 
(Generously donated by Lauren DeStefano!)
Winner is Theresa Revilak! 

$50 Lane Bryant Gift Card
(This gift card can also be used at Catherine's and Fashion Bug)
Winner is Becki Little!

$50 Ulta Gift Card
Winner is Kelly Lee! 
$50 Home Depot Card
(Generously donated by Melissa Breen!)
Winner is Rachel Davis!
$50 Gift Card to Coco Rose Couture Etsy Shop
(Coco Rose Couture was featured in Parenting Magazine, The Knot, and Toddlers and Tiaras!)
Winner is Cindy Olson!
The Movie "October Baby" Brand New!
(Generously donated by Christy Ferguson!)
Winner is Christina Wolf!

A gorgeous Rainbow Rose Necklace
(Generously donated by Under Cover of Lightness Etsy Shop)
Winner is Katy Colbry!

A Custom Birds Nest Pendant- You choose the color and number of Eggs in your nest!
(Generously donated by Tammy McAninch!)
Winner is Angela (Our Lively Crew)!

Beautiful set of rainbow bracelets in cat's eye (left) and glass beads (right), a $30 value! On memory wire, one size fits all!
(Generously donated bu Christy Scott Ashby!)
Winner is Jessica Cooper!

Lovely set of bracelets, a $30 value, howlite and jade (left), and sodalite (right). On memory wire, one size fits all!
(Generously donated by Christy Scott Ashby!)
Winner is Katy Colbry!

Created canvas set can be made in any color scheme and with a different scripture verse or quote of winner's choice. More than one picture can be used for the two accompanying canvases they would just be done collage style. Includes stands or attached hardware for hanging. Alternately these can be done as 8X10 prints for framing (frames not included).
(Generously donated by Brooke Adkins-Kirk at Caps For Causes!)
Winner is Katie Evans!

 Flower bow set in winner's choice of color (red, pink, purple, teal, black and white and green available) and images. Choose from hundreds of images. Can be attached to partially lined alligator clips or barrette (Also can include a matching detachable headband).
(Generously donated by Brooke Adkins-Kirk at Caps For Causes!)
Winner is Rachel Davis!

Custom made cupcake picks in winner's choice of theme, includes 24 picks with or without embellishments depending on availability.
(Generously donated by Brooke Adkins-Kirk at Caps For Causes!)
Winner is Crystal Pettit!


1st place prize is $300 to the Reece's Rainbow Family with the most votes!
Winner is Jaclyn Mitchell!

2nd place family gets $150 to their FSP!
Winner is Angela (Our Lively Crew)!

3rd place family gets $50 to their FSP!
Winner is Grace Knuth!

Please go HERE to meet the families that you get to vote for and check in on their status! Don't let "your" family fall behind! And don't forget about all these amazing prizes! Have fun!

Giveaway has ended. 1st place prize money went to Jaclyn Mitchell, 2nd place went to Jon and Angela, and 3rd place went to the Knuth family. 


  1. Just shared and donated and would like to vote for the Colwell family! Thank you!

  2. Just donated, give my votes to the Johnson family, please! Sharing this post now.

    1. Yay, thank you! Adding votes now! :)

  3. My votes go to the family who has the least amount of votes right now!

    1. Julia, I thought that I responded to this already! I did add your votes to the family who was behind! Thank you so much, what a sweet thing to do!

  4. Just donated and would like my votes to go to the Horton family please!
    ~Annie T.

    1. Thank you Annie! Can you please send me a receipt, or let me know how much you donated, so I know how many votes to give the Hortons? :)

  5. Just donated, 3 votes for the Knuth family please, thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! Adding votes! :)

  6. Just donated and my vote is for the Hortons. ♥♥