Sunday, March 31, 2013

BIG announcement!

Friends and family, near and far, we have big news. I mean BIG. God is continuing to grow our family! We have 4 beautiful children and we are expecting another! In about a year! No, I am not pregnant. My womb is not full, but my heart is! Josh and I have prayerfully decided to move forward and adopt! Until we are further along in the process, we cannot publicly reveal who this child is, or specifically where this child lives. All we can say for now is that he is a little boy in Eastern Europe and we cannot wait to rush to him! Only, the entire adoption process for this country takes about a year, and we have only just begun this journey. And it's going to be quite the journey indeed. Not only will it take approximately a year to bring him home, but it will also cost a lot of money. Around $24,000. Did your jaw just hit the floor? I know how you feel. It's a very large amount of money, and we don't have it just sitting in the bank. We are going to be working very hard to raise the funds needed to bring our son out of an orphanage halfway across the world and into our home, where he can thrive and receive the love that he needs and we so desperately want to give him! But we are going to need your help! We are pinching pennies, Josh is working overtime, I've been collecting soda cans to return, I am planning online auctions, and garage sales and other fund raisers in the near future... Lots of things! How can you help? Well, I'm glad you asked! :) We are gratefully accepting donations of garage sale items, new and handmade items for auctioning off, soda cans, spare change and online monetary donations. See the nifty donation widget in my right sidebar? You can easily send electronic donations through this PayPal button. I would also love to babysit your kids for donations to our PayPal button! Another really meaningful way that you can help is by praying for us and for our sweet boy.

As soon as I am able to share more about who our sweetie is, I will gladly do so! I cannot wait to share him with you! Please follow this blog for more info. Until then, please prayerfully consider if there is any way that you can help us in this endeavor? Every dollar makes a huge difference. Every garage sale item is greatly appreciated and every prayer is coveted. Thank you! More soon!! :)


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!
    I am SO excited for you and your family! You told me you wanted to do this in a few years! This is so so so so wonderful!
    I will make things with my leftover fabric and send them to you for your auctions. I can make pacifier clips and tagged lovies. I even have an unopened blanket kit that can make 2 baby quilts.
    This is wonderful, WONDERFUL news Chelsea!

  2. Thank you Marjorie! We didn't think it would be this soon, but here we are! lol. Thank you so so much for your support, it is so appreciated! Love you friend!