Friday, November 29, 2013

Piece of the Puzzle-Kindle Fire giveaway {Ended!}

ALL referral photos of Levi have been unlocked! ALL puzzle pieces have been sponsored! We have winners! Scroll down to see who won! 
Thank you ALL!

It has been a long time since I have blogged. Life has been crazy, busy and blessed! A lot has happened in past months, but basically we are still plugging away with our adoption process, doing all we can to bring our boy home, and trusting in God's perfect timing and provision. He is SO good to us, and has proven time and time again, that we surely can trust Him, and that He does give good gifts to His children. And today, on this Thanksgiving morning (I began writing this on Thanksgiving, but my computer gave me lots of trouble with posting it until now), I am overjoyed and thankful to announce that we have a $1000 dollar matching grant! Happy Thanksgiving to us! :)

We are also doing a piece of the puzzle fundraiser. (And we are discontinuing our Guardian Angel Wall because it wasn't motivating donations anymore, it was discouraging to Cana when I didn't have more angels for her to color for the wall, and the angels keep falling down. lol) The puzzle is a beautiful "Events of the Bible" puzzle, and even though Levi's story isn't in the Bible, we believe his story is definitely a part of God's plan! He is not done redeeming His children!

How it works, is we have a 1000 piece puzzle, and each puzzle piece can be sponsored for $5. Your $5 donation gets you one piece of the puzzle with your name written on it. That piece will be put in a glass bowl, and when we have all 1000 pieces sponsored, I will draw several pieces from the bowl and those will be the winners of a few fun prizes. When the fundraiser is over we will have a huge beautiful puzzle with the names of many who care for Levi, and wanted to help get him home. We will frame it for him and show him all the people who loved him before he was even here!

You can see our Reece's Rainbow FSP (Family Support Page) here: Claus Family Support Page 
Donations to our FSP are tax deductible. You can donate online, or send in a check to Reece's Rainbow as long as you remember to specify that your donation goes to the Claus family.
Now, when people donate toward our FSP, we do not get notification of who the donation came from. So in order to fill our bowl with puzzle pieces I need everyone to email a copy of your donation receipt to so I can write your name on the puzzle piece and add you to our giveaway! (or send me a private message on Facebook if we are Facebook friends!)

*Get one free entry per person by sharing this blog post on your Facebook timeline or blog. (make sure you let me know you shared!)
*Once you have sponsored a puzzle piece you can get an extra entry by sharing on Facebook or your blog, just make sure to let me know you have shared!(make sure you tell me that you shared)

So here are our prizes. I may add a few more as time goes on, but so far we have:

Set of 2 puzzles
Winner is Ashley Tucker!

Brand new Cranium game and brain shaped silicone mold!
Winner is Elaina Lawrence!

New Collectors Edition View Master set!
Winner is Rachel Davis!

$50 donation to a family in progress to adopt. Winners Choice. 
Winner is Tracy Hewitt!

16GB Kindle Fire 7" tablet!
Winner is Lonnie and Cindy Olson!

To make this even MORE fun, I have some pictures of Levi that I have not shared with anyone, and I will share a new picture of him for every 60 puzzle pieces sponsored (Which equals $300 donated) until this fundraiser is complete! You all really want to see these pictures, I promise!

Can you be a piece of Levi's puzzle and help bring him home? 

16 out of 16 photos unlocked! 
*These photos were staged in the "play" room while adoptive families were there picking up their children. Please pray for our little guy.*


This is the youngest photo I have of him. How I wish I had some baby photos of him.

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